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A 1970s photo displaying the owner Jörgen with his son Fabian Rimfors among apple trees in blossoms.

Welcome to Källagården in Österlen!

Källagården is a half-timbered farm with a long history, located between the fringe of the woods, the hills of Brösarp's backar and the village Brösarp in Österlen, all in the beautiful scenery of south eastern Scania (Skåne). The farm houses lush fruit orchards where apple and pear are grown, in some places surrounded by wild cherrytrees.

We also offer accommodation and lodging at the farm to guests looking for a place to stay. Room, apartment or a cottage to let. Or why not enjoy our bed & breakfast!

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On Källagården you may stay in the big appartment in the middle, or in the attic flats to the right.

The hosts Jörgen and Eva with their dog Yazzi.

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